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Sponsor Illustrated Educational Books for Kids. I recently heard Google we're advertising or on the look out for a way to do some reputation management of sorts, I say "of sorts" as I can't really see Google doing things like that in any sort of shady way. Some image improvement exercise to present how nice Google is and that sort of thing. Here at WACICO we don't get involved in that reputation management game of burying bad press and complaints under a swathe of other content (Not that Google wanted to do that I might quickly add!), as we don't want the BBC's Watchdog knocking on our doors thank you very much!

So this one the "Sponsor an Illustrated Educational Book for Kids" section is for all those out there like Google looking to find a way to provide their Company with some good press and enhance their image. The "Sponsor an Illustrated Children's Book" section is for all the Google's, Microsoft's, Apples, Deloitte's, Virgins, Yamaha's, Innocent's, Wonga's, Tescos & McClaren's out there.

Although The Double T Ted's live near Norton Disney, Nr Lincoln LN5, LN6, LN9, Triumph Disney (LN5) many in Teddington Court right near the Teddington Palace where DoubletTed The Doublet Ted The Emeror of The Double T Ted's® and TTed The Ted The King of the Ted's & The Double T Ted's® live, this is only on PlanetTed.

Now PlanetTed in this regards is just a stones throw away from Noddy Land around the corner form Cloud Cuckoo Land, though some might say round the bend from cloud cuckoo land and as Triumph Disney is still only in files and folders in the real World where the Humman's (or humans as people call themselves) live those things will just have to be illustrated into being over time.

So as we ourselves actually live in the real World, and not the fantasy land of Teddy Bears and cartoon characters, we can be commissioned to produce illustrated Children's Books for educational purposes. There is a choice of artist and the creator of the Double T Ted's & WACICO Keith D can write the books. You see we all work doing other things so the only way to have the time to produce all the books we can produce is to have the books sponsored so that the production time etc is paid for.

That's where you come in!

This is a win win situation for all concerned as in partnership with a book publisher we are able to start at as little as a 500 copy run for a First Editon and work from there upwards, so no matter what size you are any such book sponsorship has the same chances of being printed more as any other of the books produced by WACICO. Contact Us to Advertise with Cartoons, Cartoon Adverts, Cartoon Advertising, Marketing Cartoons, Cartoons in Children's Books.

The First Illustrated Children's Book from WACICO & The Double T Ted's is out in 2012 and is written by the author K D Mains and illustrated by the artist Jon-Paul. Teddy Bears Cartoons, Cartoons For TV Adverts, Cartoons for internet advertising, Commission Children's Book Illustrators & Illustration, SEO, The Double T Ted's .

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